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She roamed around the floor to see where her friends were. She looked through the window in her classroom and was surprised that they were already walking towards the gate. She pulled out a chair and sat. She can still see her friends laughing as they went out the gate, their laughter made the winter season warm. As for her, she was alone, and the only warm thing she felt for a moment was the air as she breathed out a sigh. It had started to snow two days ago, and she was worried about having to spend the winter vacation alone.
Time to get up and trod through the snow, she thought. Her classroom was at the end of the corridor, and the stairs were at the other end. "Hey, Sheryn." Someone behind called out to her. When she looked, he stood in a distance that he looked like the size of her finger, so she couldn't make out who he was. "Hey," she answered, and continued walking. The guy jogged a few steps to catch up with her. "Oh great, I have company," she muttered sarcastically. Though she did want to be with someone, she doesn't exactly hang out with strangers. 
"What's up? I see that you're going home late. First time." he said, as an attempt for small talk.
"Yeah. My friends already left. Since I don't have to mind them waiting for me, I fixed my stuff already."
"Pretty early. So, um, have you decided what college you're applying to?"
"Stanford. Early admission. Accepted."
"Wow. Great." he had nothing to say anymore - or at least nothing to impress her with. He wasn't smart, or rich to be able to pass an ivy league college, much more pay for it.
They went down the stairs silently, their steps surprisingly in sync. She noticed that he had beautiful eyes with lashes that she envied. His face looked sad, or tired maybe. She also noticed that his jacket was old, like it was passed on to him from a great grandfather. He was also inches taller than her, and his hands were slightly shaking, probably from the cold. She had noticed this because she usually notices details. But then, she was irritated that she couldn't place where she had seen this guy. Was he a classmate in Economics? Trigonometry? English? Why hadn't she noticed? He couldn't have known her outside of class since she was the quiet academic overachiever who never joined any club or student activity. Whatever, I'm sure I know him from somewhere, she told herself as she shook the thoughts away.
"It's already dark. I can walk you home," he broke the silence.
"Thanks, but I think I'll be going somewhere else first." she said hesitantly.
"Oh. Okay."
"Do you want to have coffee?"
He didn't answer. He only looked at her and smiled.
"That must be a yes," she assumed. The memory of his smile was on her head, and now she wasn't sure if he really knew the guy she was with.

508 words. Just practicing for NaNoWriMo! :D


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